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“Trained, Educated and Skilled as a Professional Video Producer”
Moving images add dynamism and bring a new dimension to the traditional skill of photography.

An accredited professional video producer, is someone who is able to understand light, exposure, framing and other traditional photography skills, and blend these with the art of creating a dynamic production using video creation knowledge and techniques.

An APVP not only creates great productions, but is someone who is prepared to ensure they are properly trained, they understand the importance of investing in their video production education and continuing their professional development, and who regularly submits their work for peer assessment.
An Accredited Professional Video Producer is:
  • Assessed and Proven – Accredited members are judged by an assessment panel to ensure that each accredited member achieves and maintains an expected level of craftsmanship
  • Operates a registered business
  • Has liability insurance, as appropriate to their business
  • Agrees to follow the AIPP Code of Professional Practice and AIPP Terms and Conditions of Membership