Accredited Professional Photographer

The annual fee for AIPP membership is $466 p.a. with a one-off upfront $100 folio assessment fee.
Membership fees can be paid annually or by monthly instalments. (Simply dues divided by 12)


 You should become an Accredited Professional Photographer if:

  • You want to make a statement about your professional status
  • You want to be part of the thriving AIPP community
  • You want to constantly learn and improve your photography
  • You want to make your photography business more successful
  • You want to save some money by taking advantage of our trade partner offers
  • You want to assess yourself against other professionals
  • You want to work with your peers to help develop the profession of photography

To become an accredited professional photographer you have to meet the standards we set:
  1. You must have been already practising as a professional for at least 2 years
  2. You must submit a portfolio of images to our independent folio assessment panel and you must reach the appropriate pass standard.
  3. You must agree to take part in the AIPP Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program
  4. You must agree to be bound by the AIPP Membership Terms & Conditions
  5. You must agree to comply with the AIPP Code of Professional Practice
  6. You must agree to comply with the AIPP Accredited Membership Business Requirements
  7. You must agree to be bound by the AIPP Membership Charter


As an accredited professional photographer you will:
  • Get Noticed – Use the APP logo on all your marketing and promotional material

  • Get Chosen - The APP logo is only available to AIPP accredited members and is the ultimate statement about your professional status. All AIPP marketing promotes the message “Look for the logo”

  • Get Educated– Attend AIPP seminars and workshops at discounted member prices

  • Get Better – Enter our peer assessment awards system exclusive to AIPP members

  • Get Exposed - Listing on the AIPP Search for a Pro as well as access to a free listing on the Pro Wedding Photography and/or Pro Portrait Photography websites

  • Get an Advantage – Take advantage of fabulous offers from our trade partners for discounted products and services 

  • Get Informed – All accredited members receive electronic copies of AIPP and industry specific publications, magazines and books

  • Get Involved – Become part of the fabulous AIPP community, network with and learn from some of the best photographers in Australia