Portrait Photography by Professionals  

Find your portrait photographer and have the best family portrait you can by using an AIPP accredited photographer.

Professional photographers sometimes specialise in segments of photography, such as portrait photography. These photographers can also be members of the AIPP and earn individual professional memberships. By using an AIPP accredited photographer you are assured of their skills, professionalism and ability to do the job.

Portrait photography is a popular type of picture requested specifically for wedding photography such as pre wedding photos, capturing family portraits, immortalising pictures of babies and children, taking school and university graduation photos and to commemorate and honour other personal and special occasions.

Customer-facing businesses such as real estate agencies, public relations agencies, government officials and so forth may also choose to hire a portrait photographer to take professional photos of their staff. As more and more business executives use social media networks such as LinkedIn, they may also require portrait photography.

Important elements to think about before hiring a portrait photographer include:

  • the location and background
  • the lighting
  • eye contact
  • the angle perspective
  • composition
  • natural and candid shots or posed shots
  • props
  • hair and makeup
  • the styling

AIPP photographers will sit down with you and have a detailed discussion about the type of portrait photography that will best suit your needs and your budget. Some portrait photographers will offer additional services such as providing hair and makeup services and retouching the photo such as removing blemishes and freckles for instance.

Membership to the AIPP includes Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program to maintaining the standards of the photography industry. This includes portrait photography workshops to help photographers of all skill levels improve their techniques. Visit the AIPP website for details on upcoming courses, workshops and events.

Finding a portrait photographer does not have to be a time consuming or laborious task. By using the search facility on AIPP’s site you can find photographers in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and across other major cities in Australia. If you are a professional photographer specialising in portrait photography and are looking to join the AIPP then contact us today here.