How to search for a Pro

The AIPP SEARCH FOR A PRO system makes it easy for you to find an Accredited Professional Photographer, or Video Producer. Only professionals, whose AIPP accreditation status is current and up to date, will be found via this search. If your Professional Photographer/Video Producer does not show up via this search, then quite simply, they are not a current accredited professional.

The search system has four simple steps:

Step 1 - The Basic Search
Simply use one of the three selection boxes to search by either:

- Name: search for the personal name, or business name of the professional you are looking for. 

- Category: search for a category, sometimes referred to as a genre or style. For example, 'advertising photographer', 'birth photographer', or 'wedding photographer'. 

- Location: search for professionals based in a specific state e.g. 'NSW', 'Victoria' etc.

You can search using only one of these search selection boxes, or any combination of two, or three selections. Click the search button and the profile of every professional meeting your search criteria will be listed for you.


Step 2 - Refining Your Search
Once your search listing is displayed, you may want to refine your search even further. At the top of the page, which displays your search results, simply click the 'KEYWORD SEARCH' box and type in any keywords, which you think may help you refine your search even further. 

If a professional has written a profile, which contains these keywords, his details will quickly be shown to you at the top of the list. For example, you could use the keywords 'beach weddings', or 'corporate head shots' etc.


Step 3 - Use the Profiles to Help You Find The Right Professional
With a couple of quick and easy steps, you are now presented with a list of only those professionals who meet your search requirements. No need to wade through a long list of irrelevant matches. Have a quick read through the profiles shown to you, and with only one more click from their profiles, you can go direct to the website of each individual professional.

If you want to see more, simply select another profile and click to link to that professional's website.

Step 4 - Like What You See? - Make Contact
If you like what you see, simply click the contact details, either on the individual website, or the SEARCH FOR A PRO listing and make contact. It's up to you whether to email, or phone.

If they are an AIPP accredited professional we know they will do a great job for you. And tell them you found them through this search!

Good luck. TRY A SEARCH NOW!

Always "look for the logo..."