The AIPP is focused on maintaining and improving, not only the imaging standards, but also the professional and ethical business practices of professional photographers and professional video producers.

All Accredited Professional Photographers and Accredited Professional Video Producers have been through the AIPP accreditation process and are bound by the AIPP Code of Professional Practice.

We generally receive very few complaints about our members. However, if you do feel an Accredited Professional Photographer or an Accredited Professional Video Producer has breached this code of professional practice, please follow this process:

  1. Check that the professional in question is indeed an Accredited Professional.  You can check all current Accredited Members by using the Search for a Pro facility. If the photographer you are querying does not show up in this search then he/she is likely NOT a current Accredited Professional and we have no jurisdiction over them.

  2. It is easy to visually see on a photographer's business documents and website or marketing material if they are an AIPP Accredited Member, simply look for the registered Accredited Professional Photographer or Accredited Professional Video Producer logo. Only current Accredited Professionals are allowed to use this logo.

  3. If the practitioner in question IS an Accredited Professional and you wish to register a complaint, please read and understand the AIPP compliance process and use the online form provided.


Please remember, the AIPP is not a legal service, and we cannot give legal advice. Once a complaint form has been registered it will be dealt with by the AIPP compliance committee.