AIPP CPD Program

Being an Accredited Professional Photographer is a statement about your competence, your capability and your professionalism. It is one of the most important differentiators between you and non-accredited photographers.

In order to become an Accredited Professional Photographer, not only do you need to demonstrate your image making skill via our application assessment requirements, you also have to demonstrate your commitment to continuing your professional development.

The need for a Continuing Professional Development Program (CPD) is a vital part of any professional community.

The AIPP CPD Program provides education, hands on practice, workshops, seminars, discussions and tutorials on 5 key elements relating to the profession of photography:

  1. Photographic Input
  2. Photographic Output
  3. Photographic Workflow
  4. The Business of Photography
  5. Personal Development
  • Accredited Members can choose, regardless of how long you have been a member, to continue your professional development using whatever learning resources you like, regardless of form, style, delivery and duration.
  • Each year, as part of the membership renewal process, or whenever you like throughout the year, you will simply be asked to provide information on the CPD you have undertaken, via a web form from the Members area. This information will give us valuable feedback on everyone’s preferred content and delivery style.
  • The AIPP Event will continue as the “Flagship” of the AIPP CPD Program and will be held annually in the middle of each calendar year.