Why join the AIPP - Member Benefits

What does it mean to be an AIPP member?

Being a professional image maker these days is often an isolated profession. You spend a lot of time behind the camera and even more time in front of the computer screen.

The AIPP understands this which is why the "AIPP Community" is such an important part of your AIPP membership.

In many ways, joining the AIPP community is just the beginning. Your AIPP membership will help you develop your business, develop your photographic style and develop your support network. 

Standing Out from the Crowd

Everyone will tell you that AIPP membership is not just about the logo. But the ability to use the AIPP Accredited logo is still a major tool to help you stand out from the rest. The use of the registered trademarked Accredited Professional logo is one of the main tangible benefits of membership and can only be used by AIPP Accredited Professionals. It is your tool to demonstrate to your prospects, clients and colleagues that you have gone beyond simply calling yourself a "professional".


Using the APP or APVP logos on your website and business communications provides a point of differentiation in this highly competitive and unregulated industry. It is your means of telling the photography buying public that you have been assessed to a professional standard and you abide by a published Code of Professional Practice, Membership Terms and Conditions and Accredited Business Requirements. You are a professional and you are a member of a professional membership body.

Search for a Pro

As an Accredited Member, you also are listed in the AIPP's Search for a Pro on our homepage. You can be found through either a general search, or a specialised search by anyone looking for photographic specific genres, and even your own keyword specific terms.

Additionally, if you are an AIPP Accredited Member you can take part in the specialist microsites, Pro Wedding, Pro Portrait and Pro Birth sites at no additional cost.

Peer Review

How do you know if your imaging standard could be improved? The answer is - the AIPP "Peer Review" photographic and video competitions. As an AIPP member, you are invited to take part in the ultimate on going assessment and submit your work for peer review in the annual Epson State and AIPP Professional Photography Awards. The state and national awards are open to all members except our 'enthusiast' category.

Keeping you Informed

As a member, you can access a collection of specimen contracts and template documents, as well as a collection of digital magazines including the AIPP's own The Journal, a monthly magazine with articles, features and educational topics.

Money Saving Offers

AIPP sponsors generously provide unique ongoing offers to members that relate directly to the industry. 

Being Involved

Being an active member of the AIPP and developing your network and making new friends is a definite benefit of membership. All AIPP members can attend AIPP workshops, seminars and events at discounted prices, including major events.  

Advocating for your Industry

The AIPP is considered as the "peak" representative body for professional image makers. As such, government departments, legislators and the ATO all seek opinion and input from the AIPP on matters ranging from copyright legislation through to the tax treatment of photographic assets. By becoming an AIPP member you are helping to support this advocacy effort, and more importantly, helping to further refine and raise the profile of the profession of photography and video production i.e. professional image making.

Commercial Photography Practice Notes

The Commercial Photography Practice Notes provides a quick reference source for developing systems that will streamline the way you do business and ultimately allow you more time behind the camera, which after all, is where our income is generated. We also have an invaluable set of updated document templates that can either be used as is or tailored to suit your particular client base. All members can access the Commercial Photography Practice Notes in the website members area.