Reflections - FAQ

I cannot find the registration online and I would like to register for this project?

Registrations for the AIPP Reflections Project closed on the 11th of the 11th, 2015. The project was open for registrations from April to November of this year. We thank you for your interest. 

When will I receive a copy of photo?

The veteran (or their next of kin) will receive a complimentary 5x7” professional print in a presentation folder by mail to the address provided during registration. We are shipping the prints as a matter of priority. If you have not yet received your complimentary print, please email John de Rooy - Project Manager.

Will I be able to order additional copies?

Once the complimentary image is received, a letter is enclosed explaining the process to order additional copies online with FotoMerchant by searching by name of the veteran. 

  •  If you have any problems ordering prints online please email John de Rooy the Reflections Project Manager
  •  If you're having problems finding your image online (once you've received the 5x7" image) please email Robert Hiette
  •  If the FotoMerchant site is not working for you please email Derek Clapham for technical faults

What is the cost for additional copies?

The cost for additional photos is as follows plus an additional fee of $16.50 postage.

  • Each 5x7” $25.00
  • Each 8x10” $55.00
  • Each digital file $25.00

Where do the proceeds of additional copies go?

All proceeds for the sale of extra images are donated to Legacy and the RSL Foundation to support former service personnel and their families. The AIPP Reflections Project is being run as a not-for-profit initiative. AIPP members are generously donating their time and resources voluntary for the professional portraits to be taken. 

I have registered and I have yet to be contacted?

We have had an overwhelming response to the Reflections Project. Do not be concerned if you have yet to be contacted by your Regional State Coordinator. Our Coordinators are working hard to collate all the information we have received and contact all veterans to arrange days and times for photo days. We are taking photographs up until the end of 2015. We will be in contact as soon as possible and your patience is much appreciated. 

Who will take the photographs?

All photographs for "Reflections" will be taken by AIPP Accredited Professional Photographers to a clearly defines standard and with a consistent look and style.

Where will the photographs be taken?

One of our Regional Coordinator will be in touch with everyone who registers to arrange the logistics of the photography shoot. Usually this will be at a local RSL club, an aged care facility, a retirement village and even the home of any veterans unable to get out.

How long will I have to wait after registration for my photograph to be taken?

We will endeavor to contact you within 5 to 6 weeks after your registration to arrange the logistics of your photography session. If you have not had contact past 6 weeks, please contact us to confirm your registration 03 9888 4111 or email John de Rooy.

Who owns the copyright on the photographs?

Copyright is owned by the photographer who licences the use of the images to the AIPP for use in the Reflections Project.

Can a photographer sell or use the images for their own commercial use?

The simple answer is "No". The licence terms allow the photographer to use the images to promote their involvement with Reflections but prohibit the photographer from selling, or otherwise using the images for commercial gain.

Who is eligible to take part in "Reflections"?

We would be proud and honoured to photograph any World War II veteran who served in the allied campaign, either overseas or at home, either in a military or civil role. As long as the veteran served in a WWII campaign as part of the allied forces they would be eligible. We do not wish to exclude anyone involved in WWII, but we need to ensure the collection of photographs meets the WWII veteran criteria for the archive we will be gifting to the Australian War Memorial.

Why aren’t you including veterans from Vietnam and other recent conflicts?

The AIPP are in partnership with the RSL and the Australian War Memorial in this project. RSL advice is there are around 14,000 WWII veterans surviving at the moment, and many are passing on. The size of the project photographing over 10,000 veterans from April to Dec determined that we have the capacity to look after the WWII veterans. Also the AWM are committed to look after our collection representing WWII veterans in 2015, so this is part of the criteria of the legacy we will leave in the archives, honoring our heroes from WWII. Depending on the success of Reflections and the capacity of our volunteers, this sort of project could be duplicated in the future to look after veterans from later conflicts. Thanks for your interest. Please email John de Rooy the AIPP Reflections Project Manager if you would like some further information.